Event Horizon is an engineering company with a specialisation in the use of explosive materials.

We have extensive experience in a wide range of fields from aerospace to explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and from demolition and salvage to special effects. We offer a Licensed explosive testing and factory sites - Extensive explosive storage of all HT's - Section 5 to cover ballistic testing and explosive ordnance - analytical and engineering facilities.

Explosive Engineering from an experienced company

Event Horizon provides a safe and comprehensive package, delivered by experts. We pride ourselves on carrying out work which other companies find too difficult or awkward.

Our in-house prototyping, testing and manufacturing facilities allow us to go from requirements to results in record time. A wide range of facilites and skillsets have been utilised by a diverse cross section of industry from major aerospace companies to military customers and the film industry.

DMAC marine testing equipment

Testing and Research

We undertake a range of specialist projects, including charge design, impact testing and certification.

Special Effects explosion

Special Effects

We offer large scale practical explosive effects features in many films and tv programmes.

Aerial view factory site


Event horizon holds a magazine and disposal site, factory, laboratories and underground test facility.

Machete linear cutting charge


Event Horizon manufactures a range of specialist charges and equipment.

Explosive disposal and demilling

Storage and Disposal

We have undertaken sub sea EOD operations and extensive de-milling.

Our Capabilities


Event Horizon has an extensive set of in house capabilities.

Clients include

Rolls Royce Airbus DSTL IexpE company member

Official distributors of Peli Cases and Fenix Lighting

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